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Are you looking to upgrade your current system or convert to a renewable energy source?

Solar Panels

One way of heating your hot water is by fitting solar panels. These can be fitted to a flat roof, sloping or a wall and come in either portrait or landscape panels. It is a common misconception that solar panels only work on a sunny day, the reality is that they work with day light and not direct sunshine. Solar panels can be fitted to existing systems or installed from scratch, however you will require a twin coil cylinder.

The range of panels available from Worcester have been specially designed & coated to collect as much energy as possible even on the dullest day.

Heat Pumps.

Heat pumps come in different types, ground source, air to water and air to air. All of these options are taking the natural heat from the atmosphere to help heat your home.

Ground source heat pumps can almost be fitted to any property. They come in three different types, horizontal collector, compact collector or a bore hole collector. These systems will work better with lower water temperatures that are found in under floor heating systems. They will work with appropriate sized radiators. Ground source can be installed to replace the need of a boiler and will significantly reduce your heating and hot water bills whilst being eco-friendly.

Air to water pumps operate by using the natural heat in the atmosphere. It is collected by a external unit, passed through a solution then compressed to a high temperature to either heat your home or heat your hot water. It will work best if connected to a low temperature source of heating i.e under floor or to specific sized radiators. It will heat hot water to sufficient temperatures to have a bath or a shower. The internal units are compact and come with features that allow hot water boost and weather compensation control to maintain efficiency. The external unit can be sited up to 15 metres away from the house so properties with restricted space will be fine.

Air to air pumps work on the same principal as air to water however instead of generating hot water the heat generated is converted into hot air by the indoor unit which is distributed into the house. The system can also be used to cool the house in those warmer months. The units are designed to be compact and stylish to work with properties where space is an issue

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