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Rayburn / AGA

Rayburn InstalledThere is a misconception that Rayburn and Aga are the same thing. There are a couple of major differences between these. Aga are a heat storage cooker that can also be utilised for heating your domestic hot water but not for central heating. Rayburns are a semi heat storage cooker that can also be used for domestic hot water and central heating.

These range type cookers are now available in many different options. They can now be run on either Natural or LPG Gas, Oil, Diesel or even Electric. The different fuel types allow for different control methods to keep energy bills as low as possible.

There has been developments in the flue systems so the cookers can now be located in many different positions. 

It is highly recommended to have your cooker serviced once a year to ensure that the cooker runs efficiently. We have undergone training with Aga / Rayburn to become a member of the Rayburn Guild so we can service your appliance or even install a new one.

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